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This was supposed to be a walk-over for Truro but they came up against a Pz side that would not lie down and let themselves be steam-rollered by the Truro Express. Those in the crowd who expected a hammering for the Magpies were surprised and delighted by the display put on by the boys in white. Those of us in the stand reckoned Truro’s kit of long black socks, long white shorts and gold and white striped shirts looked like something Danny Blanchflower played in. It sure looked old fashioned.

The ref blew for the off and Truro broke at speed. Their tactic was to play a fast passing game to break down the Magpies defence. They are the quickest team we have seen this season out of the 9 played against.

This first chance of the game came to Pz but Jowan May shoots wide. The early exchanges go 50/50 with Pz matching Truro’s pace. Jowan has another attempt which is thumped away for a corner. The corner is floated in but the Truro keeper makes a grab for it and holds on. Pz get another corner but the ball is headed wide.

During this time Truro have had a couple of pot-shots at the Pz goal but their shoot on sight tactic doesn’t work as their finishing is wayward. Truro break, slip the ball through the middle of the defence, shoot into the goal but the ref’s already blown for off-side a couple of seconds earlier.

Truro start pressing (funnily enough as the pace of the game slows) and get a free kick. The ball is floated in and a Truro head gets to it first. Our goalie (playing his first game for Pz) manages to punch it clear for a corner. Nothing comes from the corner.

Pz have a couple of long range shots but both are high and wide. By now the pressure is being applied by Pz but they can’t get close enough to pressurise the Truro goal. Jamie Devine playing his first game for the reserves since his move back from Mousehole tries a speculative 40 yarder which goes high and wide.

Then Truro break down their left. The ball is crossed into the box. Everyone is moving to the right but a Truro head gets to the ball first and the player heads it in the opposite direction into a half empty net. Clever play by the striker. 1-0 to Truro on 42mins.


The second half kicks off with Truro breaking down the wings but they still insist on their shoot on sight tactic (perhaps they’re on a goal bonus). Three times they shoot wide in the first 5 minutes.

We have a bit of handbags at dawn but that is sorted out by the ref. By the way one of the linesmen was a Polish International Linesman (don’t know where he came from or why he was helping run the line).

Truro get a corner but after a game of head-tennis Pz clear their lines.

Jowan May does some good work down the Pz left, but when he crosses the ball into an empty penalty area no-one is there for Pz.

Another break from Truro ends in a weak shot from 40yds out. At this point the ref asks for some first-aid and has some muscle spray on a sore ankle. He’s fit enough to carry on.

Pz are starting to push Truro back but every time Jowan gets the ball he finds three Truro players surrounding him. Truro bring on former Pz player Matt Salmon on 71mins to boost their mid-field as the Magpies look the more likely to score. Truro break another couple of times but their shoots once again from long range are way over the top.

Pz get a free kick on the half-way line, boot it in but Truro hoof it up the field.

The last action of the match is a break from Truro who do a couple of neat passes in the box, followed by a whack at goal which is palmed away.

Conclusion. Pz matched Truro’s speed after their initial shock and once the game slowed down came more into it. Truro were forced (or planned to shoot on sight) but their finishing was poor. Pz’s mid-field need to get up-field quicker to back up the strikers as they were always outnumbered.

All in all a moral victory for Pz even if they didn’t pick up any points and Pz’s new manager Jeremy Ede (a former Pz player) must have been pleased by what he saw as did the vast majority of the crowd of 98.

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Pz had 4 first teamers in their line-up. Don't know about Truro.

Jowan May

Stuart Reynolds

Jay Liddicot

One other

Jamie Devine played as he's just transfered from Mousehole

Christian Letts didn't play as Truro have put in a 7 day bid for him. We don't think it's to play but to help coach but who? The ladies as he's been Pz Ladies coach or the Truro men. We don't know yet.

New goalie as our original one can't make Satudays, hence Norman Wood playing in goal at Illogan, etc. Goalie supposed to have played for Sherbourne Town from the Wessex League and had something to do with Redruth United. Got to find out more

Pz supposed to be starting up an under 18's for our youngsters.

Crowd was 98 as we sent 2 youngsters off to head count. One said 98 the other 101 so we chose the lower figure.

Thats the gossip from the terraces Winno.


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Your goalie was Damien Norman. Returned to Redruth United this season after playing for New Park Rangers (Mining 2) last season. 19 games for Redruth United over 2 seasons between 2005/06 & 2007/08.

Lured to Penzance by Jerry Ede who also started off at Redruth this season but felt the challenge was right to manage Penzance. I wish both of them well.

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