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Truro's Football Facilities

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I'm not talking about the main Truro City FC here and their facilities.

What I would like to know is what people think of the facilities available within Truro to be able to play men's football. Is it adequate? Are there enough pitches? Does the local council need to think more about the facilities they are providing?

I would like opinions/thoughts from both teams that use the facilities that Truro offer and those from teams that have to come and play against teams based here.

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trouble is as we have found at clijah its up to you as a club to work in conjunction with the council if you want to improve them. in this weeks west Briton illogan parish council are trying to take control of illogan park because their changing rooms have been condemned. this situation will only get worse as central government keep reducing the pot.

have you seen the Ian Wright advert asking for more volunteers from the Fa. Perhaps clubs should be lobbying the Fa to do more for grass roots football because the Premier league and the Fa always seem to have enough money.

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Yeah I know Truro Council have plans to put in more up to date changing facilities in their potting area, the area behind the current changing rooms and hedge. Even if they do do that though they cant do anything about the drainage of the pitch. So if we have any more winters like we've had the past 2 years we can say goodbye to games over January-March pretty much. We at Newbridge have had a meeting with Truro council about the use of a field on Newbridge lane, just up from the tennis club. Old Richard Lander playing fields. However, thats caught up in legalities between county and town council.

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