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Guest Cornishdave1980

I heard an interesting fact last night regarding the attendence figure at Stanford bridge, it was their lowest attendence in 4 seasons with just 24973 watching in a staduim that holds 42500.

In my line of work i come across every football supporter none to man and i find the worse are the new Chelsea fans, who spurt out such things as "are club has loads of history" or "were the biggest club in europe". So i ask why is the "biggest club in europe" only recieving just over half attendence for competition they are desperate to win. I think its because the majority of their fans are shovanistic! this game was clearly below them as Rosenburg are almost a semi pro team however come the later rounds they will all be there with their tickets shouting away.

Would you see this kind of support at Anfield or Old Trafford the simple answer is No!

If theres a Chelsea fan out their who can justify this attendence i loved to hear what they have to say.

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