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Trelawney League Results Saturday 24th

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Newlyn NA Res. 5 -vs- 4 Praze Res.

Bit of a ding-dong final game of the season for the home team. Played in good spirit by both sides. We only played about a month ago over at Praze, grinding out a nil nil draw! Rare that!! Today was never going to be a repeat of that as Newlyn squeezed in the opening goal after about 90 seconds. And it was only about 10 minutes later that Newlyn went 2 up. But Praze were not weak by any stretch of the imagination and soon pulled it back to 2-1 after a breakaway and somewhat fortunate bounce off the keeper. It was fairly tight, but as the half edged towards its conclusion, two home goals proved to be the defining moments. First, great work out on the right wing was finished with a great goal from a tight angle, followed by a superb strike fron maybe 25 yards into the top corner. 4-1 at half time.......al over? Not quite. Praze were still chugging away and grabbed one back after a few minutes of the restart. Then, minutes later, they scored their third, with the Newlyn team reduced to looking around the ranks trying to determine whose fault this collapse was! A quick regroup and use of rolling subs produced the desired effect, and Newlyn immediately broke away from a quick throw to produce their fifth of the day. Surely that would seal it? Perhaps not, Praze had time to get a fourth of their own, but the game eventually petered out towards the end with tired legs taking control.

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anyone know the score between mousehole and constantine today.

are u anything do with or have you as you have reffed them least once this season

yes iv'e reffed them once this season under lights at penlee park only wanted to know the score why is that a problem.

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Take a look at the Madron page on fb Charman,that might give you an idea why pmsl!!

very good point my good friend and as we both know!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did nearly wet myself when i saw that :D:D:SM_carton: lol


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