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Ok people, I know that I am not the only one to have ordered a polo shirt and just like everyone else I have paid (the money has been taken from my bank) and I am still waiting. :(

We have all been told that the company doing the shirts are very busy what with the schools return but the kids have now been back a week already and we keep getting told that the shirts will be posted within the next 7 days, No disrespect to bertie but this has been going on for to long now and im sure myself and the other people that have ordered the shirts would appreciate a date as to when we could expect them.

It is nearly that time of year when we have to wear coats and jackets so people will not be able to see the shirts as it will either be raining or to cold to wear just a polo shirt. :(

I’m sure you can expect a few calls on Monday morning from a few of us and if were told that they will be posted within the next 7 days we will not be happy to say the least. :(

We have been patient and understanding in this matter and would just appreciate a straight forward answer please (not much to ask is it).

Come on bertie play the game and be a little fair to us all please.

Many thanks

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Apologies to everyone who's ordered a polo...had a few problems with the embroiderers who have had the polos at his place for over 6 weeks....then turns round that the logo maybe to difficult to do...could of told me then....but...have found someone else who will do it...and the turnaround is 5 days..so they will be posted out asap.....

The General knows what problems I've had with these...as I've explained on the phone ..its been the worst couple of months I've known for stuff to be done....

If anyone wants their money back....I can do a full refund..I do understand...

01872 243524


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Cheers Richard...much appreciated...I do understand everyone's frustrations...I would be saying the same.

I have had colleges,councils and schools on my back for the last month which as a company is not good...we have decided as a result to have 3 embroiderers in place which means we don't have to rely on one for stuff to be done quickly. Once these polos are done...others will be done in 3/4 days. I will post a reply when the polos are dispatched...


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