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Penryn top again!

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No surprise I see that the top award in the county for the best kept football pitch has gone again to Penryn Athletic FC.

Club groundsman, David Baker, was presented with the award by Cornwall FA president Brian Conyon before the recent home game against Penzance. It's a competition run by the FA every year.

He has won the competition for the County Award so many times that the club do have years when they don't put him up for the competition.

Club secretary Mike Young said: "I know that David's success here has had a good influence on other clubs in the county, such as Bodmin, Liskeard and Camelford, who are aiming to match the quality of our pitch.

"David puts in such a lot of time and hard work with only one other helper, and the results give us a lot of prestige. You could say that the standard of the pitch is at times superior to the football!"

Some 90 matches are played at Penryn every season.

Dave's tip to others :"I can thoroughly recommend the FA and the Institute of Groundsmanship course which I have taken in the past."

Last week he was at a national ceremony in Windsor where ground staff from all levels of football were represented. Unfortunately he just missed out on the top three places, but was in the highly commended category.

Dave deservedly gets the last word in : "I have to add, though, that a new mower wouldn't go amiss." :yahoo:

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Guest Postie Pidge

The dedication he puts in to that pitch is second to none. He may have just missed out on the top three places but if it was on dedication alone, Penyrn would win hands down!

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Congratulations to Dave Baker

the grass always looks great, but I have to say if the flatness of the pitch was taken into account, I think that maybe St Blazey would get it,

Because on the right hand side of the Penryn pitch looking down from the Club House the ground is very uneven, & bumpy, it also falls away to the right hand corner,

teams comming to Penryn for the first time usually have problems playing down that side until they get used to it,

Hammers :yahoo::c: :c:

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