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Mining Div 3 Result 12/9

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Well done Mr Follower to your team. Felt that you had more clearcut chances although I thought our boys were trying to play their way into a shooting chance. Game played with plenty of fair play throughout (despite Donald trying to unsettle me by trying to join in our own pre-match team talk!!).

You had a lively front line and perhaps feel a little aggreived that you didn't hit the first half break with the goals in your favour. We were nervous and buckled a little in the 2nd half. However, many of the players are still getting used to each other and there will be improvement.

I thought our linesman (assistant referee) was outstanding :clapper::clapper::clapper:

Best of luck to Paul Edmonds and the rest of the Chace support (good attendance people - well done!!!!)

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Yes,very enjoyable game Darren,played in the right spirit,hard and fair.Luke referee-ed the game well too,although there little to deal with.

We did have a few one on ones but your defence was quick to get back and snuff out the danger.

That's Donald for you! I had to tell him to leave me alone at one stage as he wasn't watching the game.

Your Assistant Referee was very good and should he decide to retire from playing and take the whistle,there will be a future for him.

All the best for the season to yourself,Darin and the United lads,won't be long until you start climbing the league with more performances like last night's.

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