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This weeks County Youth trial.

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Yes St. Darren, part of the aspect of trials is the process of weeding out the players you can and can't use.

Therefore, the first stage is to work only with players who are playing at a senior level in the county.

This ensures that all players are playing at an appropriate level to maintain the required standard to play county football.

I have been critisised by many for this stance, but I know from 4 years experience that the standard is high and you only have to ask players who have been there who will tell you that they would really struggle coping if they were playing any less.

If I saw someone playing at a junior level who could step up, it would not be up to me to tell him to leave his particular club, I don't get involved with that side, it's not my business.

By the way, it's horrible having to tell players that at the moment I can't include them, but the door is never shut and many players who didn't start the season with us have forced their way in in the past.

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