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What a super Sunday


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The Hammers Boys also did well on saterday, they got good revenge on Reading, whatever some people may say about Bellamy, he's started to pay back some of the 9 million spent on him,

Oh by the way what happened to shefield United,? I think they lost, sorry they are not in the PREM are they,

:thumbsup::clapper::yahoo::c: :c:

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Yes it should be a good game usually is between the two clubs, but to be fair I would not dare to predict, as both teams are playing very well,

Hammers :clapper::thumbsup::yahoo::c::c:

Hammers, I would not dare to predict as both teams are playing well ? :D

Unlike you not to have some sort of say on that, Go on fella just predict the result. :thumbsup:

Anita/Hammers, Great results all round i should say this weekend and good to see the irons getting a good result away and against reading (not an easy place to go). :yahoo:

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hammers ?

Im confused, your supposed to be a west ham fan yet you dont know weather we are home or away to our friendly fellow londoners (Gawd Blimey Guvoner). :D

Well i would not be able to say that the Arse would win so im going for a 1 - 0 in the 89th minute. :clapper:

Anita, Once again you are correct. :clapper:

Saturday 29th september 15.00 k/o West Ham v Arsenal

Tuesday 1st January 15.00 k/o Arsenal v west Ham

Im sure we cannot do as bad as we did last new years day (we put that right) :yahoo:

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