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Guest Urban Spaceman

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Guest Urban Spaceman

good to see truro winning the indy team of the day award. they convincingly beat a team from their own league (surprise!), a team who had their keeper sent of after half an hour. i think a few swpl teams cud of dun that.

bodmin (a league lower) beat ilfracombe and blazey drew with southern league poulton. theres 2 who were more deserving

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I have to disagree with you mate. I look forward to reading the Indy on a Sunday morning to see the results and who did what where.

As you well know, especially now, if your out of county between 5.30 - 6.00 and don't catch or indeed can't catch BBC Radio Cornwall because of reception, you've missed out. Whilst you get the results on the Forum, you don't get any match by match reports, and that's where I look forward to reading the Indy.

I think it can help with preparation, if you know what I mean, also.

On the point of Radio Cornwall, it's a shame the results are not re-announced towards the end of the show just for those that don't get in the car quick enough.

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