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Guest Postie Pidge

Falmouth-Helston League Division 2

Frogpool/Cusgarne 4-1 Trispen (H/T 4-0)

Referee: Bill Trethewey

Falmouth-Helston League Division 3

Lanner 18-1 Falmouth Athletic

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hayle 4-3 st day (HT 2-0)

4 pens in one game

2 scored by hayle

1 by st day

1 saved by the cat

what wouild have been a good game was ruined by the worst display from a ref i have ever seen in my life as most players from both sides will agree 3 of the 4 pens were not actually pens and the one we were given definitely wasnt, good luck to hayle and hopefully them and us wont have the same man in black again as he seemed to want to be the centre of attention like he was some sort of celebrity!


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Guest helstons14

The Cat, would you have rather not played at all or played with a poor ref, i bet the teams that didn't playu today would of been grateful for any ref!

On another note... Chasewater 4 Helston 2 (M.Goldsworthy, OG)

Tight pitch suited Chasewater as they had a far greater physical presense and it wasn't until later on when the game opened up we started to play football. But to do well in FHL's you need to be adaptable to all pitches, so off to the weights room for our side.

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Cracking game at Chacewater and,as the referee said, a fine advert for Falmouth-Helston League football, with not a malicious tackle in the game.

Game nip and tuck until 34th minute when home side took the lead and added to it before half time.An early second half goal seemed to have sewed the match up but a misplaced pass in the Helston half ended with a chip over the home keeper.Soon after a defender touched in a teasing cross and it was game on.Helston had their tails up and came back strongly but a fourth goal sealed the win with ten minutes to go.

Well done Helston,a young team who are learning fast.All the best for the rest of the season.

Nice to meet Helston's 14 and Greyhound.

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dont know his name and didnt want to ask! might have given me a red card!!!

i know how good a job officials do and that they dont get any recognition for what they do but if you are not going to apply the laws of the game i wouldnt bother! my twelve year old son was watching the game and he said to me " dad does this ref know hat he's doing as he keeps missing things and then blowing his whistle when nothings happended" need isay more! i apologise to any officials who do a good job as you by far outweigh the poor officials. with such a shortgae of officials we just have to get on with it! but as we always say a good official will take control of a game and you wont even know they are there!

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lanner eighteen falmouth athletic one, all due to falmouth they battled hard and with a depleted team were never going to stand a chance, lanner nearly at full strength bolstered there side with a further three signings. good luck to falmouth and there manager.

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mawnan 1 fal ath 0 nothing between the two sides in the first half .Although mawnan took the lead with a goal worthy of winning any game.fal ath created more chances in the first half and had a goal ruled out for offside.i was at the other end of the pitch and no complaints from my players so i guess it was the right decision.

In the second half though fal ath dominated the game hitting the post and a great save from mawnan keeper.

Then jake harvey scored which was ruled out for offside which i was in line with and a few neutral watchers and all could see it was definately onside.

i felt sorry for the players as they were the better team on the day .

to lose it on that decision was not fair on the effort all the players put into the game.

but well done to both teams good game and no bookings again.

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Thanks cola on behalf of Falmouth athletic reserves, we lost our manager a week before the season started and many players have let our reserves down. But chin up we fielded a side and got hammered. however as the season goes on we will pick up players and hopefully improve, in the Falmouth area there are alot of teams who sign loads of players, then they get fed up on the bench and just want to play. Soon as the mid-week games are out of the way players will start shifting clubs to get a game. we just hope we get a few!

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