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:blink: Sorry been away from computer too long,

Roche lost the game at Lostwithiel 4-1, poor defending and a different line up didnt help, but the home side came out the traps wanting it more and Roche found themselves 3-0 down within 15 minutes, and 5 minutes later the away side lost their goalie in a difficult challenge which saw the keeps going to hospital requiring stitches to the head, but take nothing away from the home side who played the better football.

Roche regrouped and in the second half looked the stronger side, and chances were there for the away side but Lostwithiel stung them again and it was practically over for the visitors, but Roche kept going and a consolation goal from veteran defender Malcolm Thomas ensured a frantic finish, but too little too late, take nothing away from the home side who look a decent outfit.

Roche are away to Newmoor Rovers on Saturday(local derby),things will change!

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since when as 31 years old become vet status, or do you mean looks like a vet,(it was a hard paperound, that weather down st just way does you no favours). :angry:

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