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mining 1 results

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Threemilestone 3, Spice of Life 2.

Close game, Tms on top 1st half and led half time 2-0,

Spice on top start of 2nd half and missed a pen. They Pulled 1 back but Tms made it 3-1 minutes later.

Spice put the pressure on in the closing minutes and pulled another back, Ref seemed to play loads of stopage time but Tms managed to hold on for the 3 points. :thumbsup:

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Guest sweeper

Well done Darren, great scalp to take in your first Mining 1 game beating one of the hot favourites for the title.

Should make our meeting on Tuesday evening interesting.

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with only turning up at half time and playing the last half hour for storm

have to say that i thought redruth utd were deserving of their win.

all the redruth players played with a lot of passion and seemed to

want to win more against a storm team who seemed to lose their way

good luck to darren and the boys for the season

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Cheers guys for the compliments.

I'm not naive enough to think that we've suddenly 'arrived' in Mining 1. Played 1, Won 1.........29 games left!!!!!!!! :D

But thank you. Those of you who know me well will understand how proud I was on Wednesday. Really really effing chuffed to bits! That would have happened whatever the opponents and I do have to commend Storm-Praze for their good grace at the final whistle, and the fact that for a lot of the 1st half they did test us fully.

Overall, I do believe we did have more chances to score, although were fortunate to stay with 11 players around 15 minutes into the 2nd half.

But, the score never lies.

Cheers! :drink:

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