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Liam Prynn


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What fantastic news that Liam Prynn will sign for Aston Villa after a fee was agreed with Torquay.

His parents and everyone in Constantine should be very proud of him, Cornwall must be one of the most difficult places to achieve this standard of football as we are so far out on a limb.

Wish him all the best with his career.

His dad was,nt a bad footballer (in his time) ???????????

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Unbelievable achievement and such a nice lad too, very down to earth & genuine, worked with him a few years ago at Penryn and while most talented children can be arrogant, Liam was always respectful and wanted to lean. Perfect role model for youngsters in Cornwall!!!!

Lets not forget Torquay Utd either, giving boys down here the opportunities to progress.

All the best to Liam, will be keeping an eye out for him the future!!

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