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Bodmin 1st and 2nd team two completely different teams?

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Im fairly new to the forums so dont know if this has been covered before? Why do bodmin 1st team have nothing to do with their 2nd team?is it purely so they have more money to spend on their 1st team which I guess is working? Was disappointed to here their pitch has already been reseeded, and their 2nd team have had to switch their game away to Polperro tonight instead of home.this match effects the outcome of who wins the division 1?

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Been the same for ages all local bodmin lads play for Wadebridge in SWPL (Liam Ames, Nick Dowling, Dan Jennings, Tom Varcoe, Alex Ahearn, Sam Gerken, Connor Mewton, Daryll Stiff, Gareth Stiff, Shane Looker)

All played for bodmin seconds previously but complete divide in the club.

Bodmin 1st team has been very successful so hard to argue really and we move because we want to play SWPL standard and realistically not good enough for Bodmin 1st team atm.

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