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Whispers from the tavern....

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Keep this to yourself, but Guido has been hearing several whispers today that high flying Threemilestone are about to be hit with a substantial point deduction for playing an ineligible player. Upto 21 points has been suggested.

Again this is just a rumour from a few co-conspirators so please don't shoot the messenger.

If true is this an end to their promotion hopes!

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Guido you are off the mark quickly.

What my little bird told me, and if wrong, I apologies to Threemilestone and St Agnes.

"Threemilestone recently transferred in two St Agnes players. St Agnes waived the seven days on one but told 'stone they would have to wait 28 days before playing the other.

Threemilestone didn't and played him in seven games.

Those seven games, I don't know are which, but they might have won them all so losing up to twenty-one points.

My birdy whispered it to me as one of those games could be the defeat Penzance suffered at the hands of 'stone meaning we would nearly double our points total for the season on a technicality.

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