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Relegation from Ecpl division one

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Cloughie ? Dodged the drop, if you can remember Holsworthy pulled out at the start of the season, so Div are 3 teams short of it's constitution of 16 teams.

If the member clubs would prefer Nanpean to be relegated they can have there say on it at the agm, although there are not many better facilities in the League then, Nanpean.

Nanpean played a lot a youngsters in there side last year and will be a far better side next year, I can assure you.

What team you represent Cloughie?

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Nothing personal John.

Nanpean have managed to survive the drop on a few occasions over the last decade.

Im sure your doing a great job as you have done at st Dennis and at Roche.

As a mater of interest, if Bude are promoted to the peninsula will foxhole be relegated to the Ecpl.

It's just seems clubs are promoted, but no clubs being relegated.

Yes I understand the constution requires so many, but

it's the junior league's who suffer because there rarely is anyone who goes down.

I think my local club is the only club to have been relagated iin recent times.

Cheers Nigel

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