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It is with a heavy heart that i announce my retirement from competitive football at teh tender age of 51(nearly!!).

I have played footy with some great footballers throughout my time in Cornish Football. I have also been lucky to play for some great and good managers/coaches/blokes who just do it because they love footy.

To name but a few scallywags/characters/footballers.

Mark Rapsey( I knew him when he was thinner you know), Ian McDonnell.Simon Fisher,Brian Fisher, Rodney Gregory(would run through a wall for you), Stu Williams, the late Ryan Thomas(lovely bloke too!!)Nigel Brabyn/Tony'tripwire' Penrose/Steve Rogers(lasted longer than him!!) etc etc.

Some of the unlucky managers:-

Dave Fisher/Phil Kellow/Gary Howell-Tony Gibbs and Ollie Harper(what a triumvirate that was- never dull!!) Andy/Gerry Keast/Paul Bellamy.

Sadly the knees have gone and if I have missed anyone it proves the Brain has gone too!!

Thank you to ALL I played with and against, it's been emotional

Best wishes and keep playing until you can - long time retired

Denis Fallowfield-Goalkeeper-Idiot- and a bloke who was never booked or sent off in the whole of my career( how the hell I got away with that I do not know!!

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Den, seeing as i got a couple days off and wont see you can I be the first to say i will miss you mate. Not just for being a great keeper but as a bloke as well. Hard to believe you're 51 the way you throw yourself around every week!! I will stick by my claim that you are the best 7 fingered 5 a side keeper in the world!!! At least you can swap those 50/50s for a bit easier ones on the dartboard now bud! Trust you to retire and take the limelight away from Fergie and Scholsey!!! I know you're serious this time and I can't talk you into one last season with me so all the best, great career, been a pleasure watching all them saves mate x

Ps) Rach said she will still make you some buns bud. :-)

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