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Promotion Avoiders... Pts Penalty?

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Have been reading lots about teams winning leagues/runners up not taking promotion when it is available to them. This is clearly skewing and lowering the standard of the leagues.

We've banged on and on about reducing teams ec, which we should still do, but how about a points penalty to be applied at the start of the following season to any team that does not take promotion when it is available to them?


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Think that is a bit harsh for clubs as there could be reasons why there not taking promotion. We at illogan don't do it due to work commitments is a common one with in the sides taking the step up would rule a load of the players out of a lot of games so think penalty for not taking it is a load of rubbish myself. Me personally played peninsula football last season for hayle but had to drop down to trelawny premier to play with the help of the management understanding my commitments to help me play the highest standard I could with that.

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For many clubs, promotion from the Combo to the allegedly better SWPL West could lead to loss of players, too few fixtures with a season ending in mid-March, increased fines for every minor administrative misdemeanour and ruinous travel costs. Result: a season like Penzance's, potential financial ruin, no more club.

Makes no sense whatsoever. Compelling promotion to be taken would be another English nail in the coffin of Cornish football.

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