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Evely Cup Result

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The second time Shayners has scored in an Evely Cup Final held at Penryn: he helped St Just to a 3-2 win over Callington there a few years ago. :yahoo:

On that occasion all three of our goalscorers were Newcastle United supporters.

CTB, has any other player ever scored for two different winning Combo clubs in Evely Cup Finals played on the same ground or is this historically unique ?

Bet nobody has ever scored for two Evely winning sides who were both Saints !

Bet John Roberts was glad he didn't have to sit there eating vol-au-vents with me at half time on this occasion ! I dropped into the Rynners clubhouse yesterday just to make sure all was in order for the Great Man's Visit ! :ninja:

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What Shane kept doing that Polperro never really picked on was dropping off the far defender so when the ball came over he was in free space. That is how he scored his goal with a free header at the back post.

Mr Harris was waving his arms like a windmill and was very vocal at times. I was on the other side so couldn't here his words of advice to the referee. :P

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Mr Harris would make a good windmill if you stuck him on a pole out Carland Cross, though admittedly a bit of a shorthouse, but don't for goodness sake let him build it.

Look what he did to the St Just stand ! Good job we only paid him in Liverpool tickets.

Yes, Older, Isaac is considering a new career as a Public Health Inspector. That's why Yogi is trying to get political asylum: I know where all the Bodies are Buried !

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