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Are AFC St Austell the best Duchy / Junior side ever?

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AFC St Austell clinced the Duchy Premier League Title today, does this make them the best Duchy / Junior side ever?

They have won the following in the last 6 Years.

Duchy 5 Title 2008

Duchy 4 Title 2009

Duchy 3 Title 2010

Duchy 2 Title 2011

Duchy 1 Title and League Cup 2012

Duchy Premier and Junior Cup 2013

There are still 7-8 players from the 2008 still playing which makes it even better in my eyes! Im sure this has never been done in Duchy or in Junior leagues in Cornwall and will be a great debate, as a member of the committee and an ex-player of the team i feel that they are the best team in Duchy / Junior ever.


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Having also played against Biscovey in the late 90's and also St Austell a few seasons ago, I have to agree with Shere Khan that Biscovey were the better side. I also think Gunnislake are worth a mention when comparing the teams of 4 - 5 seasons ago along side St Teath, Torpoint etc. That was a really strong Duchy Premier league.

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Granted what St Austell have done is a brilliant achievement, but for me the best teams that have been in the duchy league was the Bere Alston team that won the duchy prem which included players like Will Westlake, Dave Hallet and Lee Blatchford to name a few.

Torpoint would be up there when they had Brian Stacey and Jason Bates up front also the Edgcumbe team that won the prem league with graham o Neil up front were another decent team.

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They know how to win league titles. For any team in any standard to have done what they have done deserves some credit.

Knighter has done a top job this season and hopefully he will stay on

Rumour has it Nanks, he's after your job and ur dropping down to the 2nds !!! Can u shred done light ? Lol ;-)
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A team can only beat what's put in front of them and that's what St Austell have done, an incredible achievement of consistency over the last 6 years.

As said, with the re-formation of the East Cornwall Leagues a few years back, the standard of Junior football has somewhat been diluted with all the top Duchy sides moving into Senior football I.e. Bere Alston, St Dennis, Polperro, St Dominick, St Teath, St Stephens Boro, etc. I'm sure St Austell will follow in the same footsteps as these clubs.

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Congratulations to Knighter and his team for a fantastic achievement. A team of that calibre is best playing at the right level; all the best for your ECPL adventure! The loyalty and longevity of the group of lads at St. Austell has undoubtedly had a significant impact - there are still some good sides in Duchy football and St. Austell have delivered the goods every season - and I'm sure this kind of success will continue to attract players that will enhance an already strong side.

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