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Players of the season!!!

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St Austell - Chris Reski & Mike Body

Must admit, bods seems to be back to his old self, to come back into the 1st team and bang the goals in like he has been. Great season for him and Nanks must be buzzing. Well done St Austell on a cracking season.

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GK: Kevin Miller

2. Cliff Walters

3. Steve Sargison

4. Lewis Russell

5. Lee Whetter

6. George Swain

7. Shane Krac

8. James Alexander

9. Adam Carter

10. Mike Body

11. Chris Reski

12. Seb Broomfield

13. Jason Peters

14. Jordan Charran

15. Johnny Wyatt

16. Jared Lewington

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My team (based upon players who caught the eye against us ).

Tom Brooks ( Bovey Tracey)

Dan Lean ( St Austell)

Chris Menhenick (Tavistock/Launceston)

Dan Evans (St Blazey)

Luke Rundle (Bodmin)

Daniel Carne (St Austell)

Shane Krac (Bodmin)

George Swain ( St Blazey)

Chris Reski (St Austell)

Adam Carter (Bodmin)

Levi Landricombe (Elburton)

Of the Parkway players , Warren Daw was superb in the first half of the season , but got suspended for three matches towards the end of the year ,and didn't play as consistently well after that . Paul Heveran looked like he was really going to push on as player this season , but illness and a couple of spells out with injuries held him back , Dan Griffiths looked like he was going to be a sensation in his first few weeks , but was out for a long spell with a hamstring injury which plagued him and seemed to sap his confidence for the rest of the season , Lance Bailey rolled back the years in midfield and showed that being able to pass the ball and keep possession is still a big asset (just a shame he doesn't usually last more than 75-80 minutes these days),and Sam Cooper ran and ran and never complained when substituted and left out,shame he struggled to score the goals.A mention as well for Will Stringer who led by example in the last few games .

I would have to go for the obvious choice of Ryan Richards though for the player of the year . We over relied on him for goals this season ( only one other player got double figures),but he only missed one match for us and showed a good attitude and work rate throughout,and carried our attack single handed at times . He also didn't complain when asked to play in unfamiliar roles when the team needed it . Seeing him make Kevin Miller look silly when scoring his hat trick goal at Priory Park last week was a highlight of the season .

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Kevin Miller (Bodmin)

Adam Sleep (Camelford)

Tom Smith (St Austell)

Lee Whetter (St Austell)

Tom Chambers (Bodmin)

George Swain (St Blazey)

Jamie Rudge (Liverton)

Lance Bailey (Plymouth Parkway)

Chris Reski (St Austell)

Adam Carter (Bodmin)

Chris Luxton (Bodmin)

Based on the handful of games I have seen of other teams...

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Games I've mostly seen this season have been Newquay, St Blazey, Elburton and Bodmin so haven't seen a great deal of some clubs.

Top players in my opinion:

Goalkeeper - Miller -Bodmin aged mid fourties still going strong!

Defender -Luke Rundle -Bodmin aged around 25, not many goals but countless overlaps!

Midfielder -George Swain -St Blazey midfielder aged around 19, around 20 goals

Striker -Jordan Charran -Witheridge striker aged around 23, around 35 goals

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Miller is in a quality team for this standard. Not a lot of saves to make per game. Would he be as good in a bottom half team? Would he pull off the saves TB has pulled off for us. Answer in my eyes is simple, begins with N!!! For me, by far, the best keeper in the league. Way of the Park: Leave him alone, hes going nowhere ;)

Edited by Ryan German
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I have been lucky enough to have seen both Tom and Kevin play many a time this season, probably Kevin more than Tom if i am honest. Tom is a top keeper and in each of the 3 games i have seen him play he has been outstanding for Bovey Tracey. Kevin Miller though is in a league of his own, yes he might play in a good team but in every game i have watched he has pulled off two or three top draw saves in games where his team have won, but they have not won by that much of a margin, so his saves do then become vital. I have been lucky to have watched every team in the Peninsula Prem this year and have done so for many years dating back to the old Jewson South Western League where keepers like Sid Taylor, James Dungey, Andy Meads (still playing and still good) were all in their prime and i have yet to see a keeper as good as Kevin. His dominance, presence, distribution, communication, shot-stopping and general all round goalkeeping is the best i have seen in years and its easy to see why he was a pro for so many years. Yes, Tom Brooks is a top keeper, but to put him in the same league as Kevin Miller, and say he wouldnt pull off saves that Tom Brooks does even at his age now, i am not so sure about.

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Fair enough.To be honest most opinions on the thread are going to be somewhat blinkered anyway due to the fact that you are seeing the same players every week and may only see players from other sides once or twice a season (unless youre a neutral!)

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Dave Painter had a good season for Blazey, Dan Evans was very consistent. Swain has been mentioned a lot, he's a skilful midfield player with a belting shot. For me Broomfield's form dipped mid season although he started performing again towards the end.

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