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Name change help

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I manage a team in the duchy league and after having a new sponsor we are looking to change our name next season. After seeking some advice we have been told this shouldn't be a problem but have been told to contact the duchy league and ccfa. I'm enquiring if anyone out there has previously done this and would know which people I should contact or any other advice or help.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance

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Alright mate, was trying to think who I knew that supported arsenal lol .. Trying to think of a few names really, standard doesn't really go with much though. See your boys are flying now, even with bays ;)

Standard Liege

Thank you mate. Yeah we are playing well. Cal has been superb the second half of the season. Standard Liege would be brilliant!!

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Depending on your ambition you could go with Bog Standard. If you play it safe you could be ISO Standard, If you play a lot of late kickoffs you could go with Evening Standard. Or you could get a big flag and call yourselves Standard Bearer.

Hope these help :P

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