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well done Bovey Tracey 1 great stats!

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Have to agree.

To compile stats like this for every team must take hours, so fair play to you. Plus, as you have mentioned a few times, I'm sure this information is useful for managers who view this forum. I am looking forward to looking back over St.Austells season when it is posted.

Keep up the good work.

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Thanks guys total respect for enjoying what the stats show. It only took me a couple of days, something I thiught would be different for the forum and the League as stats tell the truth on how a season has gone.

St Austell, Bovey, Liverton and Falmouth still to finish their season but intersting to see which months have been good, could of done better, home and away month by month is interesting. But also the attendance records seem a good post as club officials who use the forum can find ways to get fans to games for certain months but that depends on the fixtures and when their scheduled for next season. For example only 42 watched Bodmin Town vs Elburton Villa, two of the three highest placed sides in the League which you thought would of been well over 120.

And sleeping at night haha. Im busy during the day most days and with no computer at my disposal am having to use a mobile to type in stats which is longer than usual.

More stats to come soon, not just club by club

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