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Charity Cup Price?

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Sticker 3-1 dobwalls

Stickers goals were from jack bowyer (2) and Matt Lloyd, dobwalls got 1 through jack Bartlett.

Little bit disappointed in dobwalls tonight, didn't think they were at the races, felt sorry for jack Bartlett, he looked like the only 1 who wanted to be there. Sticker going 2-0 at half time and to be honest, never really looked like losing the game.

Well done to them on what's been a good 1st season in the SWL 1 for them.

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A cracking game for the neutrals. Brilliant support for both sides who mixed amicably in the stand (and helped me by naming the subs as they came on!). Some good old 60s-style tackles went in and the ref saw things as they were - enthusiasm and passion rather than recklessness and malice. Young Jack Bowyer was my man of the match. On last night's showing he could play at a higher level. Touch of the Andy Watkins about him.

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