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1882 football programme found

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Between the pages of an old scrapbook was found the 1882 F A Cup Final programme between Blackburn Rovers and Old Etonians F C played at The Oval Cricket Ground on 25th.March 1882.

They were found in a box with papers and a diary belonging to an Old Etonian Barrister (Sir Berry Cussack-Smith) from Horsham who died in 1929 who witnessed the Cup Final

From his diary"Gigas came to lunch,went with him and Guy to the Oval amd saw Eton win 1-0 in a very exciting match in the pesence of 5000 persons" did he do a headcount lol

The 131 year old single sheet programme is set to fetch £23,000-£25,000 at auction.

The present World record for a football programme is the 1909 F A Cup final between Manchester United and Bristol City which sold for £23,500

Found the story on the Tony Kempster site.

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