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Combo Results and Table - W/E 4/5th May 2013

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I've started this thread again.

Please post your results, goal scorers and attendances on this thread please or text me on 07597907549 with any information.


Cornwall Combination League

4th May 2013

Hayle Reserves 0-7 Illogan RBL (Luke Wort 3, Simon Ellis 2, Dominic Pullen, Dan Bowman)

Att - 25

Mullion (Alan Thomas 3, Ben Wormington, Rob Carey) 5-3 Ludgvan (Dan Magee, Tom Patrick, OG)

Att - 55

Pendeen Rovers V-V Newquay Reserves

Penryn Athletic Reserves (Ryan Reeve 2, Matt McIlroy, Chris Mulroy, Matt Roberts) 5-0 Holman SC

Att - 30

Porthleven Reserves (Dan Greet, Matt Dawson) 2-2 St Ives Town (Charlie Eddy, Tom Morris)

Att - 25

RNAS Culdrose (Craig Lambert, David McPhee, Scott Higgins) 3-3 Goonhavern Athletic (Paul Robertson 2, Andy Morris)

Att - 15

St Just 0-1 Falmouth Town Reserves (Joe Perrin)

Att - 25

Troon 0-4 Perranwell (Matt Rose 3, Luke Brabyn)

Att - 28

5th May 2013

Supplementary Cup S-F (at Troon)

Wendron United (Ryan Tresidder) 1-3 St Agnes (Luke Osborne, Nick Perry, Justin Andrew)

Att - 42


1 ILLOGAN RBL 33 27 3 3 105 33 72 84

2 ST DAY 34 24 3 7 131 54 77 75

3 LUDGVAN 35 24 2 9 126 60 66 74

4 PERRANWELL 33 22 4 7 86 40 46 70

5 PENDEEN ROVERS 33 20 7 6 90 48 42 70**

6 ST IVES TOWN 31 15 10 6 74 48 26 55

7 PENRYN ATHLETIC RESERVES 32 17 3 12 72 68 4 54

8 MULLION 34 15 6 13 88 86 2 51

9 ST AGNES 30 13 6 11 58 48 10 48**

10 ST JUST 31 15 3 13 69 62 7 48

11 GOONHAVERN ATHLETIC 32 14 5 13 66 53 13 47

12 WENDRON UNITED 32 13 6 13 59 55 4 45

13 FALMOUTH TOWN RESERVES 32 12 5 15 73 90 -17 38*

14 RNAS CULDROSE 32 9 8 15 65 74 -9 35

15 FALMOUTH ATHLETIC 32 9 2 21 55 124 -69 29

16 PORTHLEVEN RESERVES 36 8 4 24 55 111 -56 28

17 HAYLE RESERVES 36 7 6 23 48 107 -59 27

18 TROON 32 8 2 22 59 90 -31 26

19 NEWQUAY RESERVES 31 6 5 20 48 85 -37 20*

20 HOLMAN SC 35 3 4 28 39 130 -91 13

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Culdrose 3-3 Goonhavern

Culdrose scorers : Craig Lambert, David Macfee and Scott Higgins

Don't know the Goonhavern scorers jock lad named robbo with 2 I think.

Att. 15

Good game at culdrose 4 goals evenly shared in the 1st half. Culdrose 3-2 up after 10 mins in the 2nd but couldn't hold on to the lead 3-3 a fair result on reflection. Well reffed by P windell as usual. All the best to the Goonhavern lads.

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i watched the st, just v falmouth tn game today. how st. just didnt win is beyond me, it was the most one sided game ive seen this season, with st .just hitting the woodwork 5 or 6 times. i think the falmouth keepers gloves were sponsered by teefal. its a funny old game, we love and hate.

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Penryn 5-0 holman Sports Club

ATT 35

Usual fantastic preparations from us bobby big nose and Sam have buggered off for the remaining Saturdays to basically join a cult....well they are wearing matching white clothes and standing around motionless in the middle of a field all day. Tarik had an emergency kebab that needed seasoning and Phil was off saving lives as usual which left us with 9!!! Luckily the 2nds only had enough to field a 5 a side team due to the curse of cricket and summer stag events and also that well known pastime of grown men.....Beyonce tickets!!!!! so unfortunately for Lanner in the Trelawny league we had to cancel the 2nds match and draft in the silky skills of some of the remaining few in the 2nds who were available

Last season at Penryn we managed to probably pull off the shock of the season when from our customary position at the foot of the table beat the at the time league leaders and for about 20minutes their was a feeling of optimism lightning could strike twice especially when Selleys 30yard cross from the left became a wind assisted shot that hit the post but bounced out. Sadly it all unravelled quite quickly after that. Aaron fresh from being on the missing persons list for the last six weeks got dispossessed and we conceded a lousy goal as a quick chip over the top beat the combined age of 73 that lavis and i bring to the team and the electric pace that produces!!! (Rumours that pottsy beats that combined age on his own are unsubstantiated ). Sadly the all to familiar feeling crept in and a 2nd goal right on half time really didn't help and was rather unsporting of the home side to increase their lead!

2nd half against the wind turned into a combination of the classic movies The Alamo, Zulu(Rourkes Drift) and the charge of the light brigade. Charlie tried introducing the classic brice lee film enter the dragon on the penryn keeper on one of our rare excursions....more of a sightseeing tour into the penryn half but a 3rd goal at the start of the half killed off any hope of a comeback and with Jase getting injured for the 35th league game in a row and Aaaron smudging his eyeliner and having to go off mark came on to try a bit of fouling in the penalty area which always ends well for us!!! Hammers got near the resultant penalty and in fact was so near he was megged as it went through his legs. I managed to set up the 5th when I got tackled on the halfway line and so it ended 5-0 to the home side.

So 3 games left in the combo and we get to go to go to Goonhavern on Tuesday which will be nice as haven't been up there for a couple of seasons. Hopefully the weirdos who play cricket will be available to get the average age down a bit!! :)

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what a great day for football the sun shone the sky was blue the pitch great , a good ref [kevin knowles ] good opposistion illogan ,and thats as good as it got for hayle 3 down at half time 7-0 full time what can i say we we were not at the races illogan are were they are because they are a very good team and play some great football .had 3 missing from the usual line up but no excuses we were second best all afternoon ,no one could match illogans workrate and team work so will have to move on to our next game next saturday at home to goonhavern and hope we can get some more points before the end of the season good luck to illogan and you will be worthy champs

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