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St Dennis AFC v Foxhole Stars. 29/04/2013. 6.30 KO.

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St Dennis 8-1 Foxhole

Saints goals :

Ryan hayhurst (3)

Lee Ricks (2)

Perry Harvey

Carl Ricks

Chris brown

Foxhole goal :

Brett Allen og

Foxhole leading at ht 1-0 with a cross from Ryan Wilkins. The ball got punched into his own net by Allen who couldn't see the floated ball because of the sun. We dominated the game, but the 1st half we found the foxes keeper Shaun hicks in fine form.

The 2nd half was a different story with us finishing well. And deservedly winning the game.

The game itself for us was overshadowed by a disgusting performance by the ref, the same ref we had against wadebridge that sent boaty and browner off. His all round performance was a joke. Carl Ricks was booked for something I had said, he got the wrong twin, which I had told him, but his reply was 'I don't care' and still booked Carl. We tried talking to him at half time before we kicked off and asked him what he booked Carl for, he didn't give us a answer and just laughed in our face.

We could have played any1 tonight as the ref didn't think it was necessary taking any of the subs names.

Myself and Carl got bought off, I sat in the dug out with no top covering my kit, the ref told our skipper to tell me to put a shirt on else he will walk up and give me a straight red. Ridiculous.

The game had finished, we walked on the pitch to shake the hands of the foxhole players, Carl walked straight past the ref and didn't shake his hand, the ref gave Carl a second yellow and sent him off, his reason was that Carl undermined him and made him feel stupid.

A couple of the foxhole lads had said to him there was no need for it and the refs response to them was, 'he's been a dickhead' so much for respect in the game, and refs can't even respect players.

The ref denied saying it then apologised for saying it. He knew he said it after we reminded him 3 foxhole players heard him say it. He came out after his shower and told our manager he's quit reffing now he's had enough.

I don't care what stick I got from this but his attitude tonight was a joke for this league.

Be interesting to read his report.

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Theolder thingy, I have officiated at St Dennis many times and can honestly say that at no time have they ever whined like kids as you put it. To L Ricks9, you are able to appeal a red card on mistaken identity ( no video evidence required) all you need are the witnesses. Also there is not a cat in hells chance of being sent off for being sat in the dugout with the wrong shirt on, If these incidents happened then the referee was making up Laws as he went along.

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You'd think, but his whole attitude and smug look on his face was a disgrace. And for refs to swear at players like he did Is disgusting. Players get so much stick when they aim bad language towards a ref.

Might have been fun having him ref the St Dennis v Sticker crunch! Sorry Match!

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