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Bank Holiday Monday Result

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Guest Cornishdave1980

I ve been told that on their day Wendron will match anyone espically at home but i truely thought Port had more in the Locker. Was this a case of Sunderland v Tottenham?

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Wendron scorers

Matt McIlroy (Aged 16)

Sean Johnston

Good competitive game with Port applying a lot of pressure in the second half - without really threatening to break down a well organised Wendron Defence.

Some would say Kevin Lawrence went down rather easily for the penalty award - but hey - you win some you lose some - Just grateful that Westy pulled his penalty well wide. Scoff reckoned he had it covered tho lolol.

The league has a long way to go yet so just happy we have 9 points on the board. - and that we are not bottom - like a lot of predictions placed us.

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Congratulations Steve,

Wendron surprised me with their first half performance,controlled passing football,always first to the loose ball and were worthy of their lead.

A great strike by the youngster who threatened on several occasions and a bit of a howler from Sid' in the Port goal.

I still thought Porthleven would show more second half urgency and win but the Wendron defence showed they could comfortably contain the threat and apart from the Westgarth penalty miss which might have turned the game-as it was the consolation goal by Lawrence was far too late.

100% record top of the league-keep it up as Falmouth Town are desperate for a local "derby" for next season.

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Not a great surprise to me that Wendron have done well up till now, I said early that they could be around the top 5 at the end of the season. They can play some nice football, but I think there winning streak will end on Saturday when they play Wadebridge.


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