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St. Keverne 2- 4 St Day match report

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in the baking saturday heat st day set out early for the trek down to st keverne knowing that the opposition who were also promoted with them last season didnt lose many games on their own turf!

a puncture on the way down for justin james seemed to have got things off on the wrong foot and when the opposition couldnt find their kit things seemed to travelling in a downward spiral very fast!

the kit was found and and the game kicked off with most of the st day team still half asleep as the st keverne forward waltzed through only to be thwarted at the last hurdle by the keeper!

the first half was very end to end stuff with no real side creating much until the 15th minute when a shot from cookie that was headed goalbound was blocked on the line by the st keverne defender! the spot kick was awarded and somehow the st keverne defender manged to get away with no card at all!

up stepped captain and last seasons top scorer justin james whop placed the ball accurately and sharply to the keepers right and although the keeper went the right way he could not stop the sainst opening there account for the season.

1-0 would be how it would stay until early in the second half when an excellently flighted cross from the left full backs position by simon "gumma" was met from 12 yards out by joff mallaber who guided his header around the goalkeeper to put saints into a 2-0 lead. the next fifteen minutes was fairly end to end with no real chances being created for either side until a lapse at the back by dangerous dave saw a sliced clearance loop back towards his own goal from 25 yards and over the head of the stranded keeper.

st keveren threatened to get back on level terms but th eir finishing left a lot to be desired. whilst the st keverne keeper had now seen himself called upon regularly to keep justin and joff from increasing the lead, it was these two who would ultimately add to st days goal tally as a rasping shit from just was only parried by the keeper and the ensueing rebound was rammed home off the bar by joff, the st keverne players protesting wildly that it had not crossed the line but to his credit it was the linesman( a st keverne player) who signalled to the ref it had crossed the line. 3-1 st day.

the next goal was going to go st kevernes way after player manager garry kay gave away a needless freekick on the edge of the box for a handball. what was about th happen next can only be described as freaky! with the wall being lined up by the keeper and him stranded over by the right hand post st keverne opted to take a quick free kick, this free kick sailed harmless wide until it hit a divot(there were a lot of these on the pitch and most were in the top 18 yard box) and bounced in off the post. 3-2 st day.

the game was finally put to rest when an attck was broken up by the cat in the saints goal, and his long downfield punt was latched onto by joff who would complete his hat trick by lifting his shot over the stranded goalkeeper.

final score 4-2 to st day and 3 ponts on the board!

great game guys

st day travel to helston on weds with then hoping to come away from kellaway park with another 3points

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Guest helstons14

At least you got it out the way in fine weather, not in winter when its boggy, wet and blowy. Should be a good game on Wednesday then, looking forward to it!

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When you think how far down the county they are I am suprised you could actually understand a word that they said to you. Played their a couple of season ago on a breezy and wet afternoon fortuantely we got a result but I can not remember too many fans, the pitch was not wearing well at the time, however they certainly gave us a hard game, so was a good result for you cat.

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Guest PJD ref

I Have to say that some of our supporters do let there Imaginations run a tad wild! They seemt to think we are better than we are sometimes. I also know that a certain few like to have a right go at the referee when he or indeed she doesnt deserve it.

From what I hear (I was working Saturday and was unable to see us go down 4-2) St Day played very well and All I can do is appoligise for the more foul mouthed of St Keverne Supporters

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