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Information wanted for book

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I'm writing a book about Cornish football and I'm looking for information about the history of the leagues, the grounds and the teams. If anyone can help with general information or details of a particular club, or put me in touch with someone who can, please contact me at darren.luke@virgin.net

Any help very much appreciated.


Darren Luke

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While researching for the comboleague website I have spent hours and hours in front of micro-film readers going through old copies of news papers to find results, info, news, etc.

You will find next to no news about the Combo in the papers. Match reports, scores but news, almost nothing. The best papers for pictures were the Cornish Guardian/Cornish Times but the County Library Service charge 75p for every part page you want copied. A lot of people doing research carry digital cameras to take photos of the pages which is great for info but useess for photos. Photos you will have to scrounge off clubs and scan.

Looking at newspapers from before the war is a minefield to try and pick out anything about football or any sport for that matter.

The West Britian was the best for scores, the Cornishman is average apart from the early years, the Cornish Guardian or Cornish Times for pictures of teams and captains shaking hands. The Packet newspapers are a waste of time as they don't contain anything that isn't already in the West Britian.

In the Early years the Cornishman and West Britian had regional papers with some localised news but not much.

I'll warn you to look through one newspaper checking or cross checking results takes 2 hours as what is printed under the results is very often wrong ie it might say a score is 3-0 but when you read the report it is 4-0 or a match might say Helston v Falmouth Town when it was really Helston v Falmouth Docks.

Newspapers in the 70's and 80's only did localised match reports not a results service and didn't bother with mid-week results. In the 60's they used to confuse cup matches with league matches, etc.

If you want look at my website


I have a bit of history, and if you go on the facts and figures links you will find out cup winners, etc. Have a browse and if you think I can help or you can help me please PM and we'll get together in front of a microfilm reader.

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Thanks Teddyboy (and Anita, who somehow replied via a non-forum pop-up box - I'm a bit slow with technology)

I've left a message via your website, explaining that I really want just a very basic history and maybe some choice anecdotes to help form the introduction to a mainly photographic book. Particularly welcome is stuff on the history of the grounds and the early days of the leagues.

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Non of the info is copyright as such as it is from the public domain, I just mix it around a bit.

You can use any info on the web site you want.

If you just want basic info about leagues, teams, etc and want to fill your book with pictures you need to get hold of individual clubs for the photos, some-one like postie pidge about the SWL, and the CFA for other info about early stuff.

I know the Combo League Secretary does not have much info on the league. Over time paperwork gets lost and when leagues are fairly new people don't think to keep things for the future.

As I said before pictures can be got from old newspapers but they will be black and white, cost 75p each and won't be of much quality.

Also there are many defunct leagues and cups now. For example West Penwith League, Service League (for TA's, Army, Navy, etc), Garages League for local garages, Hannaford Cup, in fact loads of defunct leagues.

Good luck as I think you will need it!!!

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