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WPL side wound up

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Phew. Thought for a terrifying moment that the old West Penwith League was back and there would be eight meetings between St Just Reserves and Pendeen Reserves a season. I was worried about the crematorium getting overbooked.

Then I realised that you were posting about something more than 12 miles from Penzance Railway Station, you cosmopolitan globetrotter, you !

Ooh ! Feling better now.

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isaac those were the days the old west penwith and amor shield games cut my football teeth in those leagues before my old club long rock joined the mining league great local derbies some good players and some not so good but great days all the same but as time moved on less teams and most joined the mining league ,always rumours doing the local round about brining these leagues back but will never happen as the pyramid system is in place


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