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I wonder why some clubs do it?

The FA and CCFA Rules are there for all to abide by,not just Senior clubs but Junior clubs as well.The vast majority of clubs are well run and comply with the rules but a few just think that it will not matter or can't be bothered to put in the formal notice of approach for a player who is signed for another club.

The signing of a player without a notice of approach to his/her parent club could result in that club losing the points from games,which could affect promotion or relegation,not only at the second club but other clubs who he/she has played against.

If i have read the rules incorrectly i apologise but this is the way that i have always applied them.

The sooner the Cornwall Combination League come into the 21st century and follow the lead set by the Trelawny League in requiring clubs to post teamsheets on the full-time website the better for all.

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