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Spurs v City


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I am completely baffled, The thing that changed the game today was twofold, first Why does Dzeko start ever? second,Why is Kolarov a professional footballer never mind playing for one of the top clubs in Europe. City were in complete control for all the first half and then on comes that bleddy clown Kolarov to sign City's death warrant. I admit when Spurs made their changes they looked much better Ady whatever he's called up top is the same mould as Kolarov and Dzeko useless. If me and countless others can see it why can't the Managers see it? I think Mancini wants the sack be lucky to finish in the top 4 at this rate, can't see him winning the cup. Then to cap it all he brings a defender on up front absolutely priceless.

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AVB was brilliant 'Man of the Match' it is rare to see managers who know what they are doing.

Game in hand, could soon be GOONER, GOONER, GONE. - AVB v Mancini - AVB won

I could've beat Mancini. AVB didn't know what he was doing for an hour, and picking that clown adyby whoever week in week out has made the job a lot harder for spurs can't see them in top 4.

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When a team has injuries there are no alternatives Ade had to play, remember Defoe was not match fit.

AVB conducted his players from the touchline like a conductor an orchestra and when right changed the

score from 4 - 4 - 2 to read 4 - 3 - 3 making sure his playmaker stuck wide right and not drift into the middle.

Not this year a lead thrown away by a manager who sat on the sidelines not knowing what to do like last year,

England had a lucky escape.

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Credit,where credit is do,AVB is proving something that Chelski,thought was impossible.

He is a GOOD manager.

Think this will kick start our season now.

Going onto something else.

I was at the game yesterday,and have watched Spurs a fair bit,and although we won 3-1,I must admit the performance of the referee,Lee Mason was shocking,

the worst I have seen at the Lane for many a year.Awful,for both teams.

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