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Junior & senior cup proposed changes


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Below is a proposal to change arrangements for the junior/senior cup final. Please discus personally I think it could be a good thing regarding changing rooms, move junior cup to a Sunday (may bank holiday) complete tie on day with extra time and penalties if required & finally try and keep the finals central below is the proposal sent out to the trelawny league secretaries from the trelawny league registration sec......

Senior and Junior Cup Review.

Review of the current arrangements.

A review of the current arrangements for the Senior and Junior Cup Finals, with a view to trialing alternative arrangements from the commencement of next season, is currently being undertaken. The CCFA are keen to listen to the opinions and thoughts of the Leagues and member clubs across the County before deciding on the way to proceed and particularly on the following questions:

1. Should the current arrangements and structure be continued?

2. Should the Senior and Junior Cup Finals have their own day instead of sharing?

3. If it was decided to hold the finals on different days, should we always use Easter Monday for the Senior Cup as has been tradition?

4. If the Junior Cup was on a different day when would it be best to host it? May Day bank holiday first Monday in May?

The current proposal is:

That for the next two years, the CCFA Junior and Senior Cups finals are NOT held on the same day. Furthermore it is would proposed that one match remains as an Easter Monday fixture and the Competitions Committee make a decision on a suitable date/time for the other final. Following this two year period a review of this arrangement will take place and a decision on this arrangement will take place going forwards for the finals in 2016 and beyond.

It is important to emphasise that no decision has been made but a decision whether to proceed with any changes or not will be made by the CCFA Council at the Council meeting following the AGM on 27th June in time for changes (if any) to be implemented for next season.

All Trelawny League clubs are encouraged to discuss this matter with their membership and forward their comments to the League Secretary for collating.

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