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div 5 top goalscorers

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i was just looking at the stats for div 5 and the top 5 in the league r

1st - Marcus Grasso on 41 from 22 games (Camborne Park)
2nd - Mark Rapsey on 40 from 19 starts and 1 last 10 mins as a sub (St Erme)
3rd - Liam Mooney on 38 from 21 games (Marazion)
4th - Matt Thomas on 31 from 21 games (Marazion)
5th - Dan Zamaneagra on 31 from 12 games and 1 sub (Helston)

taking in to consideration the team Mark Rapsey (aka Rappo) has behind him and this is ment with no disrespect but compare that to the other top 4 from Camborne Park, Marazion and Helston and when u take Rapsey is atleast 10 yrs more well experienced than the other 4 what does this say about the rest of the leagues big hitters?

if rappo was 15 yrs younger and playing in this low div would he have doubled this and the rest wudnt look as impressive this isnt being disrespectful to any player or any club. im just pointing out that a guy who is 45 with what is considered to be a weaker side behind him is in the top 2 goal scorers compared to marazions big hitting combo team, helstons young skillful lads and parks well organised and put together team all the other 3 clubs have played together before where as St Erme have done really well in their 1st season as a club. well done rappo and St Erme keep it up.

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i wouldnt say that st erme are behind anyone of those stated teams, paul bellamy, and dean and dave hill against us were very impressive a lot of those guys in that squad have played at a higher level and deserved to do so! guttted to miss our away game against them all the guys that are on that list will say themselves if you dont get service cant score all them goals, strikers there to score thats their job

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