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Result and Match Report from Mountwise: Newquay 1-1 Bovey Tracey

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NEWQUAY will feel hard done by as their second half dominance of possession could not be converted into goals in an action packed game which saw Bovey let a lead slip for the second successive game. Weather could not beat this game as Bovey were looking for all three points to catch the Peppermints, whereas Newquay were also looking for the same amount of points to continue their top six push.

Bovey were on top for the first 20 minutes on a sloppy but playable pitch and thereafter Newquay held their own for much of the game. There were two moments of the game which changed for both sides; Bovey captain Dan Taylor having to come off with a knee injury and late in the second half Newquay midfielder Danny Brook sent off for a second yellow.

Chances were few and far between in the first 15 minutes, Luke Whelden having the best chances from either side, testing Brooks' goal. But a minute later the tide turned and Bovey Tracey took the lead from the penalty spot. Jack Bray-Evans, who played midfield on Wednesday night, selected as right back today, stuck a foot out to stop Jared Lewington from shooting on goal. The defender missing the ball and bringing the winger down. Referee Chris Stevens had no hesitation in awarding the spot kick and striker Hayden Roe cooly placed the ball in the opposite side of 'keeper Tom Blackler's goal.

Dan Magee had Newquay's best chance of the half for a comeback after skipping a few challenges and unleashing a fantastic shot from 18 yards, which Brooks again saved. Mid way into the first half Bovey were forced into a change, Lee Pascoe replacing captain Dan Taylor who suffered a knee injury.

The half ended uneasy for Newquay as Brook received his first yellow for reacting to a refereeing decision against The Peppermints. Newquay made a half-time sub; Drummond on for Simcox as Hooper went for an extra attacker to support Whelden.

Hooper's change of tactics seemed to have worked as Bovey found it difficult to cope with Newquay's attacking threats, but held their own for 20 minutes. Roe was the first Bovey player on a booking for kicking a ball away. Midfielder Mark Vercesi almost gave Newquay a lifeline on 50 when he travelled towards the left side of the field and delivered a cross which swerved inside the goal and Brooks was almost beaten had it not been for his fingertip save over the bar for a corner.

After 60 minutes the game turned into Newquay's favour as chance after chance was hooked away by the Moorlanders. Newquay hit the bar after 62 minutes after a scramble in the Bovey box. But Newquay's pressure paid off in the 70th minute when Luke Whelden squared matters with a free shot on goal after battling several tackles to beat Brooks. This spured on Newquay and Bovey conceded several free kicks for late challenges. Lewington was booked on 73 minutes from time for diagreeing with a decision for handball against the player which clearly wasn't; the ball hitting the player's right chest not his arm. Brooks made more saves to keep Bovey on level terms 10 minutes from time before Newquay were redcued to 10 men. Danny Brook giving his marching orders for a double foot challenge in the middle of the field which was worthy of a yellow. Due to it being his second this ordered a red card from Stevens.

Newquay made another change; the experience of Paul Hamshire replacing Jack Bray-Evans but neither side could find a winner and walked off disappointed neither could find the winner. Tom Arnold was the final booking of the afternoon before preceedings were brought to an end.

Referee: Chris Stevens

Assistant Referees: Mike Mills and Ryan Cornelius

Attendance: NN

Man of the Match: Magee (Newquay)


1. Tom Blackler

2. Jack Bray-Evans (Hampshire 79)

3. Elliot Simcox (Drummond 45)

4. Matt David

5. Danny Brook (booked 40, 75) (sent off 75)

6. Dave Trott

7. Mark Vercesi

8. Josh Sims

9. Luke Whelden

10. Josh Harris

11. Dan Magee


12. Paul Hampshire

14. Matt Drummond

15. Jamie Hodge

16. Sam McKune

17. Sam Trudgian

Bovey Tracey

1. Tom Brooks

2. Cliff Walters

3. Ryan Stanbridge

4. Liam Head

5. Ed Plackett

6. Tom Arnold (booked 88)

7. Dan Taylor (Pascoe 27)

8. Jared Lewington (booked 73)

9. Hayden Roe (booked 48)

10. Dale O'Donaghue

11. Lewis Plackett


12. Dejan Maric

14. Lee Pascoe

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Hmm... Slippy pitch, not sloppy by any stretch of the imagination. A dire first half, the ref (Mr Stevens) gave the Bovey Pen when the forward made sure he fell over the defenders leg. The ref made sure that he was a busy man, some of the decisions baffled everyone, when questioned, he was far too quick with a card.

Second period was looking to be almost as bad until one man lit the touchpaper and stood back. The ref again making sure that he was centre of attention, both benches puzzled by decisions. With the slippy surface, tackles were sliding in, none dangerous and generally the ball was won. The Bovey handball incident was given after a loud appeal, it clearly hit the players chest. another free kick given to Newquay again the ref caved in to the loud appeals from the fans and players. Bovey had a free kick and yellow card given against them, the photo evidence shows the Bovey player clearly won the ball when sliding in. Likewise with Danny Brook, ball won, but this was a 2nd yellow and off. The man who mastered the big tackles was Dave Trott, he won ball after ball with a no nonsense style and attitude.

Weldhen battled through the Bovey box, got past a defender, nicked the ball from the keepers grasp on the ground, turned and shot past a defender to equalise. Still more about the ref than anything else though, it certainly got the home supporters fired up and created a hostile and noisy atmosphere. Unfortunately, the officials performance meant that the Mount Wise Swear Box would have been overflowing, it is difficult to say "Deary me Referee, I must say that I disagree with your last decision" when you are wound up.

As a neutral spectator, I may have been tempted by the Bar and Rugby. As a Supporter, the Ref must be thanked for making the last 30mins a lively affair, even if it was for all the wrong reasons.

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