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Another polished performance by Argyles Gosling in the 2-1 victory over Brazil in the world under 17 championships today. How on earth England left him out until the last 5 minutes of their first match is beyond me. Still Emglad are top of the group in the first ever world under 17 championships.

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Taken from the official West Ham Website

West Ham United's young defender Jordan Spence was the star of the show for the England Under-17s in the World Youth Cup finals as he scored a late winner against Brazil.

It had looked like being all-square between the two sides at 1-1, but in injury-time Jordan pounced to deflect Henri Lansbury's shot and leave the Brazilian's reeling.

The young Lions had gone behind in the first half, but battled back and equalised on half-time through a Lansbury penalty.

As Brazil went on the attack the England defence, with Jordan playing his part, kept them at bay and goalkeeper Alex Smithies saved a spot kick.

At the other end, England had several chances themselves to score again before Jordan made his mark.

The result means England have taken the top spot from Brazil in Group B in the competition, which is being held in South Korea.

Not that i am biased or anything :D

The whole team played well i thought and all looks good for the futre of English football (which is just as well after wednesday night) :(

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It is great to see th U17 doing so well, however, the problem these young England lads will have will be breaking into their respective first teams.

It might look good for the future of England but unless they are able to play at the highest level they will not fulfill their full potential.

It about time that the FA look at ensuring the english youth are able to play at the highest level, it is great to see all these foreign imports strutting their stuff on the hallow fields of England but it is not going to improve or enhance the future of our international team.

And this coming from a Chelsea fan!!!!

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Thanks Coopsie. Unfortunately the media tend to use the scatter gun approach. By the time they have mentioned very club going and when the lad does move they will stick their chests out and say 'I said that'.

Mind you the more I see the lad play the more he looks as if he will be a future star. He makes the game look so easy. As I said before how they left him out of the first game was amazing. He has been given the role of sitting in and doing the simple things as well getting his foot in. I can go back a bit and he does remind me of a two footed Bobby Moore, heads up, reads the game and what I really like about him is that he spots danger quickly and reacts accordingly. You cant teach that

If he cant stay at Plymouth then Man U has to be his next club.

I understand he has been told to get an agent. But there again Agents are in the business for themsleves, so I hope he gets an honest one.

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what rock you been hiding under you have fallen about 100 post's behind postie pidge, you have'nt got a life or something have you :D

My family is my life Crosser. After that there's a bit of hard work involved to pay the bills and then after that there's playing and watching footy over the weekend and then there's this excellent forum for me to enjoy and share banter with the superb people that also use it.

When I get the chance, I like to get on here as much as possible BUT sometimes other things are just more important.

Things have been a bit hectic lately because I got married last week and now I'm having to cram in work to try and recoup some money.

I must apologise if I haven't been here for your enjoyment (or to be the target of peoples ridicule), however, I'm sorry to say that when there's something on here that I feel is interesting enough to comment on, I will have as much to say as in all my previous posts.

ECPL, I understand where you're coming from sir and you're absolutely spot on. Seems that some of these youngsters are nothing more than a dangling carrot for the big boy's to chase. Good luck to the young lad though because although I've never seen him play, the educated way in which you describe him as a player makes it clear that he's a very promising talent indeed.

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