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ECPL FIXTURE Tuesday 26th February

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Yes Alma you are totally correct the REF was very bad for both sides! The Ref made countless bad decisions which affected the course of the game.

Going 1 - 0 up after 10 mins would have made the game a totally different outcome. How the Ref was the only person in the whole of Cornwall not to see that ball dance around in the stanchion before dropping to the floor and bouncing out of the goal, with all the Torpoint players celebrating.

Like I said that would have change the outcome of the game.

Yes you are totally right as well we had some great chances and should have been 3-4 up before Liskeard scored.

Would like to say Browny in goal was excellent (m'o'm) and as stated in my post earlier this season when talking about best Gk in the league, he is in my Top 2. Also the 2centre halfs tonight for Liskeard where Excellent Richard Elland was a colossus at the back.

So we lost tonight for various reasons which included the ref, poor finishing, great defending from liskeard and that little bit of Luck that all sides need which seemed to not go our way last night.

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It makes a change for us to have a bit of luck and we defended superbly at times, the sending off could have changed the game but the boys stuck to the task and every player on the pitch worked for 90 minutes. We should have a bit more confidence in front of goal but apart from that I can't fault the lads at all.

As I have said before, Torpoint are a great bunch of lads, food was brill and pitch was fantastic, well done.


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thought the ref had a shocker last night, as he seems to have every time we have him! in his defence- one of the lights was out in the bottom corner for the first 10/15mins and it was quite hard to see at some points, and at pace it may have been hard for both the ref and lino. but they are decisions refs need to get right, agreed it had a huge impact on the game/result. we were very lucky to get away with the first ten mins-plus you had a great shout for a pen as well shortly after. we rode our luck-got a goal and then defended well! had a few chances to get a few more-and like martin said-nice to get a bit of luck go our way. from what iv been told-sums up your season this year with creating alot but not scoring as many as you should. A lucky, but good all the same 3 points. and GP thanks for kind words...your just made me blush! hahaha credit has togo to the whole back 4 the way they put anything in the way to stop deflect block torpoints attempts. all the best in your cup run in! great bunch of lads-hope you win it!

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