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praze an storm?? or just storm!

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I ws just thinking dont no if any one else has the same thoughts that we have totally lost praze! A team that were always up ther in the mining league a team u always had a good game against then have a good pint down the local! i no a lot of the praze lads an cant believe they will b happy with the situation the storm lads mite feel the same! i personally have my doubts about them this season! would like to be proved wrong! Intresting to say the least i will miss the praze fixtures this season!

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yeah unfortunatly praze is no longer, considering wot the club have been through the past couple of years, im very dissapointed! will still hold some good memories of playing there! wish all the boys who have moved upto storm good luck for this season!

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Guest Sport Lover

I think its a real shame if Praze have folded. Roger and the guys did a lot of work to get the team up and running. I am a Praze boy and Praze used to have 2 cricket teams, 3 table tennis teams, snooker teams and Netbatll (not sure if thats still running) Praze is now 2 or 3 times bigger than I was a kid but the sports clubs/teams have been halfed :-(

Sign of the times?

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Guest canary

Praze FC could progress no further after last season, the facilities could were not up to it. I (Roger Batt) told the commitee that I was not prepared to manage the team without having a goal, i.e. to gain promotion to the combination. the commitee had no response.

No one was prepared to take over running the team. As I did not want the team/club to fold a letter was written to storm fc to see if they would be interested in a merger ! Bingo, We now have a club know as Storm - Praze fc. Good facilities, two good pitches, two good teams and the option for the youth to progress as high as the club progresses.

We have a strong commitee and now it's up to the players to try and gain promotion to the combination.

We have changed our watering hole for the time being but the atmosphere is still good, ie Drinks for the mom and the 'pants' to be worn,etc!!!

We havnt disapeared just been given the opportunity/challange to grow stronger.

I would like to thank all who have supported this merger.

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