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Guest helstons14

Why does the reinstatement of players between junior and senior leagues carry on from the previous season? A new season should be a clean slate. With a lot of players moving to pastures new and different leagues, this rule just creates unneccessary difficulties coming into a new season.

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Guest helstons14

No they wouldn't there is a rule that states only two players from a higher team are allowed to play. My dispute is the fact that you are only allowed to field 2 re-instated players, as they were already re-instated why should there be a limit as they are junior players.

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You are opening a whole can of worms with this one!

The Junior/senior system in Cornwall is nonsensical.

Pay £6 and a Senior player magically becomes a Junior player.

Play five more senior games, pay another £6 and "Lo and Behold" he's a junior player again.

So, to check whether a player is legal when you meet him in the Junior or Sunday Cup you have to,

a) Identify him.

B) Realise that he's been playing Senior football recently. b - ) comes out as a smiley. Nice!

c) Know the date when he was reinstated.

d) Know whether he's actually played 5 Senior games since the reinstatement. (Maybe he's missed a couple of Truro City games in the five weeks that have elapsed.

e) Have some back -up to positively identify him. " No that wasn't ??? that was his brother"

f) Get all this sorted and appeal to the County Secretary within THREE DAYS.

Who's going to tell you the answers to any of this? You need to be a real detective to have a chance of getting anywhere.

The F.A. Standard Code of Rules which all competitions (Leagues in F.A. Talk) were obliged to adopt suggested a much simpler definition. The League or Cup simply suggest a time limit. If a player has played Senior Football within, say a month, he can't play in a Junior competition.

That reduces the list to identifying him and knowing that he's played Senior in the last month. A lot more realistic.

BUT the CCFA wouldn't entertain this.

I wrote asking the CCFA Rules Committee to consider such a change a few years back (After the clubs were stopped from proposing Rule changes) I didn't even get the courtesy of a reply.

The WCSFL clubs have agreed to adopt this convention on top of the CCFA rule and it works really well there,

Sorry, almost another rant.

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Guest helstons14

This stupid rule has ruled out half of our squad for the first few weeks of the season as only two re-instated players are allowed to play at a time until they have played 5 games. So a rule stemming from last season has ruled out half of hour regular squad. :angry:

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