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a player looking for a club to play for

Guest robbo

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> I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for a

> local team in the newquay area who is currently looking for players! I

> play in nottingham at the moment for the notts league, the league I

> play at is the highest in the nottinghamshire divition,


> I am currently looking to move down to newquay and was wondering any one could help me find a team to play for, I would be greatful if you

> have any information for me please

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How about Newquay AFC they have 2 mens teams , and i'm sure would be happy for new players. The 2nds have a game there tomorrow night 7.30 ko (i think) Why don't you pop up and have a nose and chat to a few people. I'll be there if you need pointing in the right direction of someone to talk to. :drink:

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And Perranporth have a lady (well female) lineo, whos funny, great, enjoys a drink and can talk about random stuff for hours :clapper::drink:

And obviously has more loyalty to the club she left rather than the club she linos for now! Wait til I see you later young lady!!!!! :angry:

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

The last fella we took on who came from Notts claimed he was a Keeper at Notts Co Youth, wonder what ever happened to him ? Anyway, good luck chap, hope to see you at Mount Wise soon.

Mr Chairman, I am surprised at your little dig at your feeder club !!!

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[size=3]cheers lads

well am not the kinda a person who makes out that i have played for a notts county or nottingham forest, all i want to do is join a club and enjoy playing football with a good bunch of lads who give it there all every game, i was thinking of newquay f.c as it will be the near to me, to be honest as long as i get a team to play for am happy :D

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