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it appears that Rob Styles has been removed from this weekends Premiership games after a serious breach of refereeing.the CCFA's Referee's appointment officer rang the FA in London telling them that he had been posting on this forum under the alias of "Anita" from Newquay.!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo: It has been covered up as a dodgy penalty decision in the press but we know better..................(no offence Anita)

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Guest crosser

I do feel sorry for Rob Styles getting picked on by everyone for making a mistake, his only human


Unfortunately in todays football, there is no room for mistakes by anybody that is an offical, if you are a keeper (lehman) you can make mistakes and it get's laughed at, you can miss an open goal (tevez) and you get how did he miss that. But don't make a mistake if your a ref.

I am in some what of a dilema with regards to ref's though as I like to have a little bit of a moan about them (i still hate keith hackett after the 91 fa cup semi final), but sometimes it goes a little bit far, the hysteria over the penalty incident goes to prove that, especially with the sun today with an article today about how mr styles company laid abramovich's drive in his new house! until maybe ref's go on strike and no fixture's get played I can't see it changing.

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Guest TruroLad

i hate rob styles, he is biased towards all the top 4 teams, if a game gets out of hand he gets card happy, he should have his refereeing duties demoted to league two, after jeff winters retired the only decent referee left is howard webb.

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Well Anita,

I wish we had you on the line last night at Town there was one Reff's Assitant, who every time Bodmin players shouted off side he put up his flag, I made a point of speaking to people who were nearest to where these off sides were, according to the Assistant, I was told by at least three people, that out of three calls in that area, only one was off side, & they all made the comment that he was listening to the Bodmin Players rather that making his own mind up, there was clearly something wrong because there was no such problems with the other Assitant,

I dont know if the ref would have been aware of what was happening, because he was much better in the second half, is it possible that he may have spoken to the Assistant?

Hammers :unsure::c: :c:

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Time and time and time again, supporters watch football, they watch the play, they don't watch the last man.

A supporter sees a ball knocked forward and just as the attacker receives it, he appears to be on side. I hear you shout, "How can he be off side lino?"

Because when the ball was played and whilst you were all looking at the player who was playing the ball forward, the attacker has come back and from an offside position. Therefore he's offside if he receives the ball.

What makes it worse, is the number of supporters and indeed players who aren't even standing in line shout, "He's not offside lino."

Just an opinion mind!

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