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Falmouth Town vs Frome Town

Guest Postie Pidge

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Guest Postie Pidge

Falmouth: Nathan Murphy; Jamie Morrison-Hill, Fergus Nevin (Glen Squires 89m), Aaron Harper-Penman, Brinton Nute, Aaron Cusack, Lee Beer (Darren Burchell 84m), Matt Godfree, Kain Bond (Andy Bowker 66m) , Lee Langmead ©, Matt Cusack. Subs (unused): Rob Francis and Ben Goldring

Frome: Richard Fey; Brad Newman, Lee Davidson, Jon Crowley ©, Jamie Cheeseman, Rob Sheridan (Dean Griffiths 77m), Alex Lapham, Simeon Allison, Mark Salter, Matt Peters (Matt Cowler 91m), Dean Ranger (Joe Gomes 63m). Subs (unused): Paul Farrell & Steve Mason.

Referee: Brett Huxtable (Torrington)

Assistants: Lee Dudman (Plymouth) and Martin Pethick (Boscastle)

0-1 76m Joe Gomes

1-1 79m Andy Bowker (pen)

1-2 87m Mark Salter (pen)


52m - FAL - Lee Langmead (foul)

53m - FAL - Lee Beer (foul)

70m - FRO - Mark Salter (dissent)

78m - FRO - Jon Crowley (foul)

87m - FAL - Nathan Murphy (foul)

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Guest Postie Pidge

I've only ever given away two penalties in my career! We all know about Brinton's last week, this time an underhit backpass put a Frome striker through until Nathan Murphy put paid to that

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Falmouth were beaten by quite a common fault, a pass back that was not hard enough to reach the Keeper who then in trying to reach the ball fouled the oncomming player, end of story, Penalty.

But I have to be very honest & say falmouth who were two Leagues below Frome, played some really good football the Town defence was solid, the Town attack, was good in fact it would be truthful to say that up to the 70th minute Falmouth handled every thing that Frome threw at them,& within a minute were level through a penalty,

On this performance Town are going to get better as the season goes on.

Were were told that Town have another two new players playing for them next Tuesday, sorry do not know the names,

the game on Tuesday v Bodmin should be a cracker,

I did have some better news when I got Home Birmingham 0 West ham 1.

Hammers :clapper::drink::thumbsup::c: :c:

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Also agree with you "Hammers" it was an improvement on last weeks game with Falmouth showing more understanding and a lot of purpose and motivation in their play..

Frome will feel relieved to get away without a replay in a very even game played in a good spirited FA Cup fashion.

With both side hitting the woodwork and two penalties scored there was little to choose between the sides but the turning point for me was around 70 minutes. Lee Langmead was set up in front of goal but with ho so much time to pick his spot he hurriedly scooped it over and minutes later the Frome sub.Joe Gomes clinically and no messing finished off a cross in a flash to take the lead.

Again for the second week, in the dying minutes with the game winding down for a replay another lapse in concentration saw Town gift the game away.

Another top game on Tuesday v Bodmin Town with the new defender Neil Bettis on show should see Falmouth step it up again and from here on I see the season taking off and bringing success to the long suffering fans.

In hindsight I would have liked to have seen a more serious Pre Season fixture agenda which would have set the club running from the off

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Is this what your looking for?

Barnstaple Town not happy with Falmouth, taken from website :-

Meanwhile Buckingham was not pleased with the news after his sides 4-0 FA Cup tie win over Clevedon United that midfielder James Turner had received a phone call from a South West Peninsula League Club Manager on the morning of the game offering him some very rewarding financial incentive to complete a move to them! Buckingham said:

“ James let it be known post match that he had taken a call from Steve Massey at Falmouth Town just hours before our game kicked off against Clevedon United. It was a very deliberate attempt to get the lad to go down to Cornwall and sign for Town and it begs the question, how can that be right? There are supposed to be rules and certainly etiquettes set down to make sure that all approaches to players are transparent and ‘above board’. Some of the financial incentives being bandied about by Cornish sides are bonkers and I certainly cannot compete with what certain Clubs are offering players of mine. But frankly for a player to be called on a matchday morning with a ‘come and play for me ‘ offer is scandalous”.

East Devon based Turner is thought to be happy to stay and Mill Road and Buckingham suggests that that loyalty will be rewarded:

"I'll be sitting down with James and see if we can secure him on a contract, he's a player I want to stay with us and I am sure together we can continue to enjoy great things on the football pitch, he's clearly got a great future ahead of him in the game and I see no reason why he shouldn't further his development here with us rather than make what would be a step down a level, all be it for the carrot of a 'signing on' fee"

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Hya Hammers and Dobby. Steve was given this players number by a third party at the players request and asked to phone him.It seems from Dobby's postingthat this player "let it be known before Barnstaples game that he had recieved a call from Steve" He is then offered better terms and a contract for loyalty. Seems he has played Mr Buckingham and Barnstaple and got himself a better deal. Its been done before and will be done again.

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Guest Man on the Post

Neil, I agree that your never going to stop it. My point was solely on the timing of the call. If the call had to be made on Saturday my conscience would have told me to ring after Barnstaple's match and not before. On this one I think we will have to agree to disagree. :D

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More to the point, if the shoe was on the other foot, how would the Falmouth management have felt if the call had been made on a Saturday morning prior to a game.

It does leave a sour taste and given the saying, what goes round, comes round, you never know when it might come back and bite you!

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