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HAYLE VS MARAZION Arther pearce cup

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local derby day this week at hayle with hayle 4ths taking on the marazion reserves who are still yet to lose a game in all competions and a hayle side that is yet to lose at home and is on a good run of form made up of a young squad many in there first season of mens football should make up for a great game to watch especialy with the players and managers all being part of hayle last year........... COME ON GREEN ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

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It's like a homecoming for most of the squad.....everyone can't wait to go back and I'm looking forward to playing against a couple of lads I managed last year. Good to see them develop the way they have....both teams with unbeaten records so something has to give....!!! Ex players vs new players, brother vs brothers, friends vs friends, youngsters vs experience....come 2pm it will be just 11 vs 11. Bring on Saturday....!!!

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Gotta say bluenose think u have put saturday in to the perfect light with that post and like wise is a game that not to offten would ever be played again with so many from both sides all friends and family related is a massive game like u say with both teams records up for grabs to be dented your team unbeaten and our team unbeaten at home and both sides looking to progress in the top cup competion we have both been invoved in going be a game of 90 minits goals laughs and all in all a good few laughs in the bar afterwards :D :D

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:) looking forward to this game big time.

on paper marazion should progress to the next round.

with the quality they have all over the pitch. so Hayles

young guns have got nothing to lose by going for it.

this game wont be for the faint hearted thats for sure.

banter has been going on for weeks now. some marizions

are saying 15 or 16 nil. so that makes my team talk

easier. were just treating it as another game in our

first season in adult football. as long as everybody

sticks to playing a fair game of footy and not get

carried away by all the hype, it should be an interesting

encounter. i know for a fact our boys will be up for

this and so will thiers. who ever wins im sure our differences

will be sorted in the field of battle, and a few beers after. :thumbsup:

come on the Hayle 4th team MASSIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Joejellico, don't know whose been claiming we'll win by those silly amounts. All we ever want is a clean sheet and 3 points but in this case the next round. Although Danny R is getting carried away but then it doesn't take much for him these days. Saturday is coming quick so get that team talk sorted.

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