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URGENT - Players required for Sunday league team

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St Buryan sunday league football team (formerly Penzance Astropark) are desperately seeking players to keep the club running. We were established as Baltic Pine FC in 2000 and now play at St Buryan with most of our remaining players based around Penzance. Due to players being injured, going travelling, getting too old, ahem, etc we have been struggling to get a side out for the last few weeks and the immediate future is looking very gloomy. I personally cannot play much as my son's football now comes first but I'd hate to see the club I played for for 12 years go down the pan without at least putting up a fight.

So if anyone (and their mates) fancies a game on a sunday morning and can help out a decent club please send me a pm or message/call me on 07549663225 and I'll put you on to our current secretary. Thanks for your time, Steve.

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