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Hayle v Penryn 3ds

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Mate I know bushy really well and enjoy playing with him at penryn. But scoring a tap in from inside the 6 yard box does not quite equal peninsula standard! Lol

Penryn have a great squad this year,consistancy is key for them.

Line of the day was pagey screaming from the sidelines "u cant do that" after the hayle striker hit his saved penalty rebound in!.......quality! A rule book read is required haha!

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Bushy is the heart beat of penryn FC alway has been alway will be, he is one of the most loyal players youll get apart from when he left and went to Falmouth Albion, Falmouth Athletic, Constantine and Mawnan! Bushy even knows himself he should be playing a higher standard!

Chris Page is another one! top class on the pitch in goal and upfront!

i think we have a good shot at promotion this year, just hope we keep bush fit

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