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Discrimination and North London Illiteracy

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Amused to hear Spurs and Arse issuing joint statement that "discrimination" in the stands will not be tolerated. Unqualified by an adjective, this blanket use of the word suggests that any critical discrimination by spectators between good and bad football will not be permitted.


Doh ! Faut-il que je l'explique en francais, Arsene ?

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Every so often someone arrives in English football that has the ability to fool all of the ( important ) people, all of the time.

Sven Goran Errikson was the master - An absolute triumph of style ?? over substance. The more he sat there and let games slip away the more he was praised for his Scandinavian sang - froid

The moment another deluded chairman showed an interest in him - The bigger the salary increase. Gone are those days and this over rated man is now down in the lower spheres of football that his managerial and coaching skills belong.

But fear not - We have his modern day equivalent - AVB !

The man is clueless - Chucked out ( and paid off handsomely ) because he had neither the experience or the gravitas to handle such a squad, it appeared that his big chance had come and quickly gone.

But No - Along comes Daniel Levy to offer him the Spurs job

He has obviously realised how ridiculous he looked when crouching on the touchline in his mac like some playing field pervert, so he now sits on the bench or struts around the technical area, occasionally searching in what appears to be a fourth formers school jotter.

Watching the game totally pass him by yesterday ( not helped by another dud - Adebayor ) I almost felt sorry for him - He has no idea !

Over rated, Over promoted and Over paid - Spurs are going nowhere with him in charge

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