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Confused about Camborne

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Help please!

There are matches scheduled this week for both Roskear Playing Fields, Camborne and Park Road, Camborne.

I thought that these two were the same thing but obviously I'm, wrong.

I've visited one a couple of years ago to see Titans v West Cornwall, which was the three-field complex lying at the back of Park Road, so I'm assuming that one is the Park Road ground (and there is still only one pitch there, I looked when en route to Trevenson a fortnight ago.

So which is the "Roskear Playing Fields". I assume it's not the Camborne Cricket Club fields, Is is the field I can see on Google maps to the north of North Roskear Road and south of Boiler Works Road, or is it the field to the South East of the cricket club near Bellever Parc cul-de-sac and a cemetary, or somewhere else completely?

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