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10th November 2012

Trelawny League Premier

Carharrack 6-1 Penzance

Penzance got back to league action for the first time in five weeks and were a little rusty to start, went in one down, dominated the game for 15mins then succumbed to the awful conditions to let the game slip away. Lack of substitutes didn't help either with Carharrack able to bring on fresh legs just as the Magpies looked to be getting back on terms.

Penzance show first with a shot that the keeper spills but the second attempt from 15yds into an empty net is hurried and goes wide.

Carharrack break left, cross, shoot and Penzance Man of the Match, Dan Baber palms away for a corner. Another break sees a shot block and the rebound hitting the Penzance upright.

The pitch is getting badly chopped up with players slipping and sliding but both sides try to play their passing games.

Another long range shot forces Baber to tip the ball over the bar for a corner and he repeats the feat a few moments later following a Carharrack free kick on the left.

On the half-hour Carharrack go in front with a bundle-over following a corner on the left.

The rest of the half is fairly even as conditions deteriorate.


The game becomes a lottery and no-one shows until Carharrack in the 50th min by getting down the right side, crossing and wrong-footing the keeper with a near post flick that goes in at the back post.

This spurs Penzance and they then get on top forcing Carharrack to defend deep. On 54mins they get on the score sheet with an out of the blue 35yd screamer from Will Southcott that leaves the keeper standing.

Penzance press and win a corner in the 63min. They knock the ball in, Carharrack hoof the ball long to their best player, No 5, who nips down the line, crosses and Baber is beaten by a 30yd volley that whips in cross goal making it 3-1.

The players are now running in ankle deep mud and conditions tire the Penzance youngsters. Carharrack start getting on top and score with a 25yd volley on 67mins, a 15yd low shot on 75mins and from a free header following a corner in the 84min.

In between they get a 3 on one with Baber but manage to waste the opportunity, and also Baber palms over another rising 10yd volley.

Mention must go to Penzance's Iain Smith who nagged the ref for the whole game about the conditions following the man in black like a shadow.

Match facts

Corners: Carharrack 9-5 Penzance's

Fouls conceded: Carharrack 9-6 Penzance

Attendance: 11 (3 from Pz)

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